E Komo Mai! Welcome to our Neighborhood.

The residents of Puamana extend our Aloha and hope you enjoy your visit in our beautiful community.  Puamana is mostly residential and we welcome you to experience our condo lifestyle and ask you to respect basic rules of courtesy that enable us all to live harmoniously together.

Quiet Hours: Please observe quiet hours 10pm to 7am and minimize noisy arrivals and departures.  With windows open to the trade winds, most of our homes are vulnerable to excessive noise from whatever source- social gatherings, car alarms, music and electronics.  Cell phone chats and other conversations. 

Parking: Parking is restricted to marked spaces only.  Visitors’ cars must display ‘guest parking’ tags (usually found in rental unit) and park in one of the spaces designated for their building or one of the ‘permit or visitor’ spaces.  Please park head in and avoid idling while parked to minimize car exhaust impacting nearby units. Please deactivate your rental car’s beep when locking/unlocking.

No Smoking: Hawaii law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of any building, entry or lanai, including semi enclosed places like the pool area. Inside condo homes, noxious odors like smoke are considered a nuisance and cannot be allowed to seep into other units.  The rule applies to all devices and smoking materials.  Kauai beaches are also no smoking areas.

Pool Rules: Use of the Puamana swimming pool between 8am and sunset, is at your own risk since no lifeguards are present.  Safety equipment is provided onsite for emergencies.  Swimmers should wear appropriate swimwear and shower before entering the pool to minimize sand and other pollutants. Children under 12 and guests should be accompanied by a responsible renter.  Don’t forget your pool key, usually found in the rental unit.

Keep Tidy: Please keep your rental lanai clutter free.  Don’t hang towels on the lanai railings, and keep toys, clothes and personal items inside.  Take trash to the nearby dumpsters. 

Pests: Welcome to the tropics.  Bugs are part of life here.  Puamana maintains a regular schedule to keep the bugs population under control.  Please keep food sealed to avoid unwanted bugs.  The lizards and geckos are harmless and also help keep the bugs under control. Do not feed the chickens anywhere on the property.

Please contact your host of you need help during your stay.

For after hours problems or emergencies contact Princeville Security 808-826-6181 or 911.

Kauai Police Department 808-241-1711

Makuna Urgent Care 808-320-7300

Have a wonderful visit at Puamana!